Other breaking changes

Other breaking changes

Here's a list of some breaking changes that are not covered by the patches provided by the upgrade-kit.

Encryption package

  • Zero breaking changes in the functional API


  • Zero breaking changes in the functional API


  • Remove undocumented Config.merge method.


  • Zero breaking changes in the functional API.
  • Add support for multiple loggers.
  • Upgrade to latest version of Pino.


  • Remove deprecated trap and trapAll methods.
  • Remove namespace method. Since we are opting for standard imports and not magic string based imports, the namespace method is no longer relevant.
  • Add assertion methods like assertNoneEmitted, assertNotEmitted, assertEmitted.


  • Remove file.moveToDisk method from the bodyparser source code. However, you can still use this method if you have @adonisjs/drive package installed.
  • Removed queryString config option from raw bodyparser config block. The option was unused and hence has no breaking change at runtime, but will give static type error.
  • Add support for convertEmptyStringsToNull for JSON parser as well.
  • rename whitelistedMethods property to allowedMethods.


  • Add @adonisjs/session/session_middleware to the middleware list in order to enable sessions. In v5, it was not needed.


  • No breaking changes


  • Zero breaking changes in the functional API.
  • Add alwaysTo and alwaysFrom methods.
  • Add assertSent, assertNotSent, assertNoneSent to write assertions during testing.


  • Zero breaking changes


  • Remove Hash.isFaked property since it serves no use case.

  • The Hash.extend method signature has been changed.

    // Earlier
    Hash.extend('md5', (manager, mappingName, config) => {
    console.log(manager === Hash) // true
    // Now
    Hash.extend('md5', (config) => {})


  • Zero functional breaking changes.
  • Top-level imports do not work in REPL mode. It is a limitation of Node.js. However, you can use dynamic imports to import ES modules.


IoC Container has been rewritten from scratch and has received a massive API refactor. Since, the container is the foundation of the framework, there was no easy way to avoid this massive refactor.

With that said, the API changes will not impact the applications written in AdonisJS. The breaking changes will impact packages though.

Read the release notes for following releases.


The application module has also received significant breaking changes. Please consult the following release notes.

Http server

The Http server module has received significant changes. Please refer to the following release notes.



  • Rename i18nManager.getSupportedLocale to i18nManager.getSupportedLocaleFor.
  • Rename i18nManager.getFallbackLocale to i18nManager.getFallbackLocaleFor.


  • No longer emit events using the AdonisJS global event emitter. These events were never documented.